This marketing tool, born in the 70s in the US and currently in Spain is in full swing, is to depersonalize, fix, complement and harmonize a house without major works or reforms.

Nowadays, the properties that come onto the market have to stand out in an increasingly broad and competitive market. The Home Staging seeks to shorten the times of sale and rent and to be able to fix a higher price.

The power of a good image

It is demonstrated that when a potential buyer or tenant conducts a search on a real estate portal, he experiences greater interest and acceptance when the property’s file includes photos in which the house is clean, tidy and bright.

The way of Home Staging requires evaluating the house in a first visit, depersonalize the house, order it, optimize the spaces, clean the property, repair the damage, and finally organize and harmonize. Rearranging the house’s distribution and providing decorative elements and more attractive colors, we achieves a change of look. It’s about doing a lot at the lowest possible cost. The cost usually ranges between 0.4% and 1% of the price of the property. Always try to take advantage of the material of the house and provide minimal decorative items to lower the service.

Although Home Staging techniques seem simple, it is often very difficult for a homeowner who has lived at home for many years to be objective enough to see all the flaws in his home and apply the advice he has read about Home Staging. Therefore, a professional will contribute his external and more objective point of view to help the owner to revalue his property.

Bearing in mind that there is usually no second chance to make a good impression, this tool will help us to turn our home into a cozy, neutral, modern and attractive place, where most visitors feel comfortable.

Practical cases

Coming soon…